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On'R Radio. the choice of a semi-pro studio allows young people to work in a realistic working environment and to increase their capacities for learning communication techniques used in the world of radio.
  • The DDJ-RX is one of the first native controllers for  rekordbox dj, giving you the flexibility to prepare your tracks in  rekordbox ™ and then play them plug-and-play directly from our laptop. for intuitive and creative performance.

This is a smart mixer with an internal USB control section that speeds up daily use and includes a built-in silence detector.
It is a reliable console for radio stand-alone production. With built-in VOIP functionality.


  • The Superlux R102 is a ribbon microphone with the characteristic, warm sound of classic ribbon mics like the RCA 77DX.  Sound contrasts with the sound of common dynamic or condenser microphones

  • This included software program works with the 4 stereo audio signals on the same USB connection that connects the console with the PC Play-out. A second screen can be connected to obtain a similar aspect seen on the top of this page.

  • The JBL LSR305 is an active monitoring loudspeaker equipped with separate amplifiers for bass and treble, making it a very efficient and affordable speaker. The JBL LSR305 is functional, elegant, and it adapts to any home studio or professional studio. 

  • Stereo Tool is a professional, low latency audio processor that is used by hundreds of radio stations around the world, who use it to process their recordings and broadcasts.

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